Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disneyland 2010

We took our annual summer trip to Disneyland in June. Tory stayed home with Kambree cause you know Troy loves Disneyland sooooo much! he wold rather stay home wit her and just look at all the pictures of the happiest place on earth! Me, Kage, Kenlee and my mom all went. Kenlee was tall enough to go on all most all rides but 3 and she loved them all. She even wanted to go on the ones she was not tall enough for and when I told her she could not she could throw a fit! We went down to Sea World for a day. The kids loved that. I obviously was not thinking this day cause about half way through the day Kager said my ears hurt mom. So I realized I had not put sunscreen on them for I ran to the store and bought some and put it all over them but I was too late. The next day he woke up with big blister on his ear! What a great mom I am I felt so bad. I never go with out sun screen on my kids don't know what I was thinking I guess I was in just in vacation mood and enjoying myself!! Thanks to Troy for staying home a keeping Kam. My kids love Disneyland so much they are already planning the next trip we can't wait to go back!!!!

Kenlee loves all the characters. It is so hard to get her away from them. She hugs them and kisses them and hugs them and kisses them and it goes on forever! I am sure everyone in line thinks it is cute at first then they get annoyed I am sure when it is 10 minutes later and she is still doing it. LOL

Kenlee on Splash Mountain.

Kage on Splash Mountain.

Crazy driver. Last yer I bump into my mom and Kage really hard. So this year they would not let me follow them they followed us, but I did fee a bump a few times from them.

Kenlee favorite ride was driving the car on autopia. She would laugh the whole time. Everyday all day long she would ask to go on the car ride. The day we were leaving we even had to go back into Disneyland to go on it before we headed home!

My mom hates the jungle cruise ride!! She always tries to find an excuse not to go on it. Of coarse we always get the biggest dork to drive our boat.. But I guess they are all dork when they try to be funny!! Well the kids did talk her to go on it once so here they are look how happy my mom looks!!

Ken on Dumbo.

Look how happy Kager and my mom looks to go on Dumbo!!

Sully would not leave Kager hat alone!!

Kenlee loves Sully!

Kenlee had to take a picture of me and mom . She did pretty good!

Once again they love Kages hat Woody would not leave it alone!

I told Kenlee to strike a pose this is what I got!!

We went to lunch one day to Ariel's Grotto. That way we don't' have to stand in the long line to see the princesses we get to see them all here and we get a good lunch!! So everyone scores!!

Grandma bought Kenlee a new princess shirt to wear to see all the princesses.Kage is such a good sport to get his picture with all the princess also. I told him since we pay so much to go there we are getting our money worth so he has to Skeleton hat and gloves!

Kage loves the white chocolate shell. He ate the whole thing no one got a bit of it!

Kenlee got the chocolate Aerial.....

Here it is after she sucked on it for a while no one wanted a bit of this!!!!

All smiles on the big Ferris wheel with the moving gondola's. The kids love it they laugh so hard!

I hate the swings but the kids and grandma loves them so here we are!

They had this big box where you could pose as a action figure for the new Toy store 3 movie.

Tigger was so cute with Kenlee. He was chasing her around then she was chaisng him around. Everyone in line was laughing so hard.

Getting ready to watch the parade.

We went to Goofy Kitchen for dinner. Got to love this then we don't have to stand in line for all the charaters. My kids love it cause it is a buffet and they can go get there own and go back as many times as they want!!

Goofy #1 and Goofy#2!!

Goofy #1 and Goofy #2!!

Grandma and Kager being Goofy!!

Me and Kenlee being Goofy!!

Getting ready for the fireworks!

Getting ready for the fireworks!

Can you say Jack the Skeleton???!!!

Getting ready to go on the jelly fish ride.

Kager and Grandma on the swings .

This was Kenlee throwing a fit on the ground while we were in line to see the Aladdin show. Got to love these moments!!

She can't get enough of the cars!

Getting ready to watch the parade in California Adventure.

On Saturday we went to Sea World. It was a fun day very hot but fun! Not so fun the next day for Kage with blisters on his ears! I have to say he was really good about it he did not even know the blister were there until I told him then even then he said they did not hurt. Poor kid!!

Ready for Shamu!

The kids loved holding the star fish!